The residents of Sutherland enacted the Economic Development Program during the May, 2022 election when they passed Propositions 1, 2 and 3, enacting the program and imposing a sales tax of 1.5% on eligible transactions within the Village.

Sutherland’s community and economic development strategy involves building on its strengths to assist existing and new businesses and industries and the retention and creation of jobs. Recognition of housing development as an integral part of economic development and the recruitment of new commercial and industrial projects will be crucial to the future economic development success of Sutherland. The principal economic development strategy is directed at maintaining a good quality of life for Sutherland’s citizens and a strong workforce; developing community resources and public facilities; attracting new capital investment; broadening the community’s tax base; and ensuring economic stability and viability for Sutherland.

Program Administrator
Muriel Clark
(308) 386-8257

Citizens Advisory Review Committee
Chair: Bob Maline
Vice Chair: Milan Moore
Felicia Patrick
Lee Rush
Emma Reichenberg

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