Business Development Loan and Grant

Who can apply?

Any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship without regard to its principal source of income, shall be a qualifying business under the Village of Sutherland Economic Development Program. A qualifying business need not be located within the territorial boundaries of the Village of Sutherland if the Village Board determines that there is a clear economic benefit to the Village. Eligible qualifying businesses may apply more than once and receive program benefits more than once.

A qualifying business is defined as a business which derives its principal source of income from any of the following:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Research and Development;
  • Processing, Storage, Transport, or the Sale of Goods or Commodities in Interstate Commerce;
  • Sale of Services in Interstate Commerce;
  • Headquarters facilities related to a Qualifying Business;
  • Telecommunications including services providing advanced telecommunications capability;
  • Tourism-related Activities;
  • Retail;
  • Production of Films;
  • Construction or Rehabilitation of Housing;
  • Early childhood care and education programs.

Examples of how businesses might use the funds provided by the Sutherland Economic Development Program include, but are not limited to:

  • The purchase or lease of real estate
  • New construction or remodel
  • Purchase fixed assets.
  • Use as working capital.
  • Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment/Machinery
  • Inventory for Resale
  • Public works improvements essential to the location or expansion of a qualifying business.
  • Expenses for locating a qualifying business into the area or an existing business to a more suitable location.
  • Job creation
  • Technical assistance such as marketing assistance, management counseling, preparing business plans, engineering assistance, etc.
  • Job training.
  • Tourism-related activities.
  • Projects which enhance the development of downtown Sutherland.
  • Construction or rehabilitation for sale or lease of housing for persons of low or moderate income.

Program Documents

Loan and Grant Program Guidelines

Loan and Grant Program Application

Supplemental Forms if Needed

Property Improvement Program

Under the Property Improvement Program, property owners or tenants are eligible to apply for grants equal to one-half of the cost of such improvements with certain limitations or a low interest loan. These funds are provided to create a positive impact that individual renovations or demolition can have on the overall appearance and image of the community and spur area redevelopment. The proposed yearly budget for the Property Improvement Program is allocated from the LB840 Economic Development Program of the Village of Sutherland.

Program Documents

Property Improvement Program Guidelines

Property Improvement Program Application

Digital Marketing Grant Program

Apply for up to $1,000 for digital development and/or improvements for businesses operating from a storefront or fixed location in Sutherland.
Grant funds may be used for:

  • Creating or upgrading your website
  • Purchase of eCommerce software
  • Purchase of POS software
  • Advertising/branding/marketing (social media, radio, newspaper, television, etc.)
  • Professional photography, Graphic Design Software, connectivity tools
  • Social media training

Program Documents

Digital Marketing Grant Program Guidelines and Application